The Doctor (worsethanaunts) wrote,
The Doctor

TARDIS in The Park - Friday Morning

Time to go then.

The Doctor had done all he could here for now. He was going to work this place out, but not in this time period. Maybe a hundred years ahead would do when he got back around to poking at the island.

For now though, he had other plans. He fished the blue envelope out of his jacket pocket. TARDIS blue, Earth postmarks with a card inside detailing a date, a time and a longitude and latitude. That was worth taking a look.

"Well, dear," he said to the TARDIS, placing his hand against the side of it. He looked up at the school, wondering what trouble it would bring its occupants this year. "Time to go."

[OOC: Open! The Doctor's last. If you think you would have received a phone call from him saying he's off and to come and say goodbye, you did. Even if you don't know him. He got a bit excited with dialling numbers.]
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