The Doctor (worsethanaunts) wrote,
The Doctor

The White House - Presidents' Day, Several Decades From Now

It wasn't often that the Doctor stayed in one place for so long. There were exceptions to the rule. Fandom was one such exception because he was still trying to figure out how it worked and, well, look, it was too complicated to explain in narrative. Needless to say, the Doctor coped with this whole settling in one place thing by disappearing on a regular basis. That was why you could never be too sure whether you would find the TARDIS in the park on any given day.

Today, the TARDIS definitely was not there.

The Oval Office of the White House hadn't changed all that much over the decades of the 21st century. There were different paintings hung on the walls, the occasional adjustment to the carpeting and improvements made to the security systems, but otherwise it looked like it usually did.

The Doctor stepped out of the TARDIS and closed the door behind him with his usual casualness. The difference between this stop and at least 80% of his other stops was that when he turned around after pocketing his key, the room was full of secret service agents pointing guns at him. Usually it was other people pointing guns at him.

"Hello!" he said, greeting them all with his standard amount of cheer. "I'm the Doctor. I'm here to see the President."
Tags: event: presidents day, person: bobby mccallister, place: tardis, place: white house
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